Choreographer’s Statement

My choreographic esthetic at large is eclectic and ranges from themes pertaining to my French roots, my American citizenship, travels overseas, and to the intercultural life style of the City. Interdisciplinary practice of dance including Jazz, and Afro-American widened my movement vocabulary while my thoroughgoing involvement with the Graham technique/choreography anchored and merged my experiences.

In search of new discoveries, my own movement style and process demand a physical research. I believe that in the depth of our physical core, there is a common field of energy that connects all human beings and that transcends cultural boundaries. Recognizing each dancer’s cultural background and “ancestral memories” I like to explore with collaborative investigations of movements excavation and compose dances bringing the movement to its purest, simplest, and deepest way of expression.

My goal is to transform the viewers into “feelers” and take them on a journey allowing them to feel with body and mind.

Photo of Virginie Mécène’s Fraxinus by Brigid Pierce. Dancers: Guyonn Auriau and Lloyd Knight

Portfolio of Works